Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Craft" food To Go

We at Blue Sky Restaurant have created Insatiable Eats Craft Food ToGo Services to make planning your own party or setting up your own table easy and more cost effective. The menu selections are designed to serve standing up or sitting down and can accommodate any number of guests. All of our craft options of platters and trays are made fresh daily using the finest ingredients available. To ensure variety we offer over 40 of pre-prepared selections. If you want something different just ask, we can accommodate your every need. Requests can be made to accommodate any location, theme and dietary needs.

Lobster rolls for 100 at your poolside on your back lawn…a chic high profile celebration in an elaborate estate… a film crew shooting on-site …sumptuous birthday parties in a family home…exclusive concerts in the park...dinners for the holidays...appetizer trays for any number of guests..the launch of a new product at your office... a tent event for the polo matches…an exclusive party on a yacht…exhibits at art galleries…private picnics at the beach…film studio premieres, weekend guests at your home…

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